Swisscham25 tree planting in Népliget

November 3.

For the its 25th anniversary, Swisscham Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce planted 25 trees in Népliget (Budapest) supported finacnially by its member companies and professionally by Főkert. Helping this cause, we were one of the donors.

Swisscham25 tree planting in Népliget

The aim of the jubilee tree planting was for the Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and its members to express their commitment to environmental protection and to work together for a more sustainable future through a joint action. The epidemiological situation in recent months has given the project an unexpected new meaning: the 25 seedlings embody not only the last 25 successful years, but also a new life, a fresh start and a belief in the future.

Dr. István Béres, President of Swisscham Hungary: currently, the biggest challenge in the world is environmental protection, and that’s a common concern for all of us. The members of Swisscham Hungary have proved that they take responsibility separately and together for the preservation and maintenance of natural values. Another symbolic message of tree planting was that, with the growth of seedlings, the Chamber's activities should continue to develop and remain a recognized, professional forum for Swiss-Hungarian relations in response to changes in economic life.

Gergely Karácsony, Mayor of Budapest, highlighted the environmental action of Swisscham Hungary: when we commit to the future not only in words but also in deeds, it is an important message for Hungary as well. Many thanks to all the partners present, who are our symbolic, yet important, allies in making Budapest even greener and even more innovative.

Péter Szamosközi, Principal of Morihana Kft.: as a Chamber-member company, we were delighted to support this cause. It is important that firms, which are usually not in public focus, shall also take care of the environment. As this is not just matter of green NGOs but rather our common responsibility.

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